Spring Forward

Jackson wakes up a half an hour on either side of 6 a.m. He has done this for his entire life — all four years of it. Any parent with an early riser loves and loathes two time-sensitive events springing forward and falling back of daylight savings.

During the pre-baby time of my life falling back meant the world was full of new opportunities — an extra hour to get loaded at the bar, an extra hour to sleep in the morning — really important and critical events. Life post-babies makes falling back a brutal, soul-sucking experience. Trying to train a child to go to sleep an hour earlier takes weeks of preparation and training — ticking back bedtime 5 minutes at a time, day by day until finally you reach the moment when daylight savings time requires us to retreat and beg these little ones to go to bed. “But it’s still sunny!” they say. “I don’t have to sleep when it’s sunny!” “Yes, you do,” I say and the saga continues. The battle seems endless. It’s a horrible, horrible time. The spring, however, is a time for rejoicing if you are a parent.

Right now at this very moment I can’t help but fantasize about what my life will be like tomorrow morning when I roll over in bed and see that my alarm clock reads, “7:00 a.m.” it will be like Christmas. Angels will sing. Church bells will chime and I will know that for the next two to three weeks until Jackson’s internal clock starts ticking its way back toward the unholy hour of 5:30 a.m.  two great gifts will be mine. First, I will wake on my own without the sledge hammering of little feet running to jump on my head and ask me for me milk and second the sun will be shinning and I will, at least for two weeks, be a rested and reasonable human being. If you need to ask me for anything. This is your window of opportunity.

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