1. Crystal

    I love how you share the gems of Nebraska-its people-in these stories. I want to sit and have a glass of wine with George and Karen. Love how you share this life lesson: I was there to write about him, to tell his story and he ended up writing a chapter of mine.

  2. Molly Aschoff

    Great story! I know George and Karen. Karen taught my daughter and yes they are amazing people! You will find that most Sandhillers are….they put God and Family first!

  3. Those grapes look wonderful! The sandhills sound wonderful right now. We went there 2 summers ago. Last year we visited Colorado’s sandhills.

    I’m sorry about your sister! That’s hard!

  4. I had just seen George’s vinegar at Chef2 last weekend and wondered how the heck did someone get into making highly coveted vinegar out in Cody. Wonderful profile on him and his wife!

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