1. Summer, I have a new blue Lodge Dutch oven sitting atop my stove right now, that makes me very happy. By the way, being an older mama with a passel of grown-up kids: I can say without question that cooking good food for your littles (and eschewing cold sweetened cereal and boxed mac and cheese and Pop-tarts) is a great favor you are doing for them, and for your future grandchildren. They will be spoiled forever for good food, and will in all likelihood raise your grandchildren (of paramount importance, of course!) to eat fresh and “from scratch” also.

    • Hi Amy! Thank you for reading. I accidentally published a draft story. I’ve revised it now, and decided to write a different post about the pop-tart vs. real food conversation. Sorry about that. Enjoy your Dutch oven. I couldn’t live without mine, and thanks for the support on feeding little ones scratch food.

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