A Little Bit of Honey

I accidentally watched the news last night, something I have worked diligently to avoid since I became a mother. The broadcast, of course, lead with crime, had an unnecessary amount of weather, then finished with crime because its cheap and easy to report. I went to bed thinking what a terrible world we live in.

This morning, I kissed my kids, went to work and called a honey producer in South Dakota. He’s not a fit for the book only because he gives away his honey rather than sells it. The chef is a friend so he is the lucky recipient of it. I won’t be writing a story on him for the book and shared that with him, but even still he invited me to dinner the next time I’m ready for a bite to eat in Sioux Falls.

The number of times I’ve been invited to sit a table with relative strangers for the simple sake of making new friends and swapping stories has happened more often than I can remember throughout the writing of this book. They have been little presents that kept me motivated on hour 15 of a 17 hour day. Everyone is SOOOOOOO friendly and kind and wonderful, it reminds me why I started writing this book in the first place. To show the world what we have to offer here in terms of food, yes, but also in terms of place and people. The quality of our human capital is high. It reminds me that the world is full of people who are kind for kindness sake, most of us live in the middle states (wink to my coastal friends) and that my sweet little babes are going to be just fine.

The other thing that strikes me is how this honey making man has no idea how he lifted my spirits today. Great gifts come from small actions.

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